Activities on the go

Kidgrid finds activities for your family when and where you need them. Playgrounds, restaurants, trampolines, concerts, climbing gyms—you name it. Wherever you're on the go, we instantly find activities that are nearby and easy to get to.

Tailored for your family

Kidgrid tailors its suggestions for your family. Activities are age-appropriate for your kids and fit your budget. Kidgrid grows with your family—as your kids develop new interests, we'll suggest new activities to match.

For parents, from parents

You can trust Kidgrid activities because they’re recommended by parents like you. Tag locations you visit with quick comments telling other parents what they need to know, and chat with other parents about what they think.

Kidgrid for iPhone

Kidgrid is coming to Seattle

We are hard at work on Kidgrid and offering a limited number of invitations for our iPhone beta.
Coming to Seattle in spring 2015.

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